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What is it ?

KidTracker is a scheduling and invoicing software program which is built to suit the OSCAR sector in New Zealand.

How does it work ?

The software is installed on your computer and consists primarily of graphics screens.  It "calls home" to a central server in Auckland and sends / retrieves data, via the internet, which is combined with the graphics to present the data to you.   Because only alphanumeric data is being passed, rather than images, the internet transmission is much faster than a web-based program, and it feels as if the data is local.

Who does it service ?

KidTracker has been built only for the OSCAR providers in New Zealand.  It is based on the needs and requests of such people.  The program has been adapted to service both small and large providers, ranging from facilities which handle 10 kids up to those such as the YMCA who handle 500.   Currently, KidTracker has customers in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawke's Bay, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Cromwell, Alexandra, Milton, Napier, Motueka, Matamata, Tokoroa and other cities across the North and South islands.

What does it cost ?

KidTracker has two basic versions.  One is a single facility version and the other is for multiple facilities.   The single facility version is one where the OSCAR program services a morning, afternoon and/or holiday program from basically one location or facility.   The multiple facility version is for those providers that have multiple locations, each with its own billing policies, schedules, etc.   The single facility version costs one percent (1%) of the money received from parents or WINZ, up to a maximum of $125 / quarter.  The multiple facility version costs the same one percent (1%) up to $125, then half of that thereafter, without a cap.   For some large customers, this can be negotiated, depending on the customization required.

What can it do for me ?

KidTracker is unique in that it is not just software.  It is a service.  The service is to provide YOUR data to you in a friendly, reliable manner.   Some aspects of KidTracker are common to all customers in that the same screens are visible to all.  However, the reports are custom designed to extract your data in an organization and format which suits your needs.  This is subject to reasonable limitations but, after 9 years of continuous service to the OSCAR providers in New Zealand, the data extract procedures have been thoroughly developed.  Please read through the site and see the features available.

What about billing ?

As part of the service provided, you can submit your special billing requirements, such as special hourly rates, or session rates, or weekly discounts or sibling discounts, or program discounts, or family discounts or staff discounts, or WINZ family discounts, etc.   Again, while not unlimited, your special requirements can be built into the server procedures in order to streamline your billing and minimize your processing time.  However, please understand that you must check the results of this customization and ensure that it is outputting the calculations you request before you send it to your families.

What makes KidTracker special ?

There are alternative software programs available, such as APT, Info-Care, MYOB and a few others.  Their principal advantage is that the programs were developed long ago and have been well-tested.   Their downside, for all of them, is that they are completely unresponsive to current needs of the OSCAR providers.   Try calling any of them and asking for a special feature which you need, such as a particular data report, or a flag that tracks a certain bit of data, or any modification whatsoever.  They will refuse because their programs are not built around what you ask for.  They are built according to what their designers think you should have.  KidTracker is built exactly and only on what OSCAR providers ask for.  Moreover, you can call and ask for a special report or to address a special issue which you may have and you will be pleased with the response.  KidTracker has the advantage of having a full-time database administrator on call at anytime.  That is the service which KidTracker offers which no one else has.