KIDTRACKER (OSCAR Scheduling Software)

What is KidTracker ?

KidTracker is a software package that caters to the OSCAR providers in New Zealand. It started as a scheduling system, then quickly added an invoicing module, then a customized WINZ module and keeps growing every month. Development is based upon requests from OSCAR providers and their accountants.

What makes it better than the competition ?

When KidTracker started in 2006, it was the only software that catered exclusively to OSCAR providers. Since then, some fully online solutions have appeared. They have good scheduling capability with attractive websites but all customers must fit into the one design. KidTracker is adaptable to each customer's needs by adding special features and reports. Within reasonable limits, any report not currently available can be created. In addition, a copy of your data is taken every hour and kept for 3 months, so that it may be recovered in the event you make a mistake. In addition, you can have a wide variety of billing policies customized for you, rather than the one-policy-fits-all at the online solutions. And, most importantly, if you have a problem, you can call and talk immediately with a live person to resolve the issue.

How does it work ?

KidTracker is a program that installs onto your computer and contains the graphics and Excel files necessary for display of your information. The data is stored on, and retrieved from, a server in Auckland. This means that the data is available to you at any location and, since only data is being retrieved, the display loads significantly faster than a web-based solution.


There are two basic versions of KidTracker - single venue and multiple venue. Each has data separated for morning, afternoon and holiday. The multiple venue version has an additional layer of organization such that the morning, afternoon and holiday data can be collected for separate venues, such as neighborhood locations where programmes are operated.

What does it cost ?

The cost of the single venue version is 1% of the funds received from parents and WINZ, up to a maximum of $125/quarter. The cost of the multiple venue version is half of 1% (of funds received), without a specified maximum. For some large customers, this is negotiable depending on the customization required.