KidTracker Software for Childcare providers

  • This program is a scheduling, billing and light accounting package that has been specifically created for the New Zealand child care providers.

  • It tracks child scheduling, staff scheduling, and ratios, with detailed reports for each, with printout or Excel file output.

  • It breaks down all costs into program-specific allocations, as defined by the user, for use in filing reports with the Ministry of Social Development.

  • Available as a service - the user downloads and installs a small user interface which accesses a database server in Auckland, N.Z.

  • The server maintains all records, which are backed up hourly and moved off-site.

  • The data can be accessed from any location, via the internet. Work at home, at your bach or on your boat!

  • No long term contracts or start up fees. Pay as you go, 1% of fees collected from parents and WINZ (excluding OSCAR grants and donations), up to $500/yr.  For multiple locations, the fee is 1% up to $500/yr, then half of that (0.5%) thereafter.
  • Save hours of paperwork time each week.

  • Works on Windows XP (32 and 64), Vista, Win 7 - 10 only (sorry, Macs).


Tech Support


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