KIDTRACKER (OSCAR Scheduling Software)

Financial Screens

Payment Insert

Users select from any of the three columns, which will identify the family to receive credit for the payment. There is a family code system also available to identify payments, if desired.

Financial Overview

This screen summarizes the financial transactions into a summary line for each family, with 30/60/90 aging.

Weekly Income Report

This report summarizes the income billed by AM/PM/Hol, as well as payments received from parents and WINZ, for a user-specified set of weeks.

Payments Review

Users can define any relevant time period or payment type to display a list of payments made. Names can also be filtered.

Family Payments

This will display all financial transactions for a specific family.

Tax Receipt

This is the printed output, from the Payments Review screen, when Summarize has been selected. It provides single-line itemization of amounts paid and types of payments. Although intended as year-end reports, any time frame can be specified.

Billing Worksheet

This is the real workhorse of the program. After schedules are made, then converted to bills, family payments and WINZ payments entered, then invoices are prepared here. Users generally select multiple families, or groups of families for processing at the same time.


This is a sample invoice.

Daily Balances Report

This report summarizes charges and payments rolled up to daily amounts.


This screen is designed to handle the specific aspects of the WINZ system. It calculates the hours actually attended by each child for the week and compares it to the WINZ hours paid, retaining the difference if WINZ overpays. Or, the user can opt to pay all funds to the family.


This screen extracts WINZ data for specified children for a specified period. It will show the applicable week, amounts withheld, if any, and credits to the family.