KIDTRACKER (OSCAR Scheduling Software)


Weekly Data

This report extracts data (AM/PM/Hol attendance, family income, etc) and organizes it by week, into single line format, as well as adds a tab for the details of each week.

Export to Xero

This screen will accumulate data created since the last transfer, up to the date selected, compile it into summary numbers, and prepare a text file for import into Xero. The import will include a reference number (the date in YYYYMMDD format), so that entries in Xero can be reconciled to KidTracker.

Health and Safety

This report extracts the health and safety and miscellaneous data entered on the family screen. The display can be filtered by user selection.

Swimming Report

This report has a screen allowing the user to select the skill level of the kids, as a filter.


These are the initial logon screens - one for single venue and the other for multiple venues. For multiple, the user would select the venue and the data would be limited to such venue.